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RED Brim Bender 2.0


ATG Brim Benders Help You Achieve A Clean Curve on Your New Hats And Keep That Curve Crisp When you are not wearing your favorite Hat.

Using 3D Print Tech we built the perfect tool to take away your hat curving issues from the past.

The ATG Brim Benders have been tested on all ATGLA Fitted's And Snapbacks. We Cannot Ensure that any other brands Hats are made the same please use at your own discretion.

Instructions For Best Results:

-Warm Up Brim With Steamer Or By Placing Hat in The Sun Or Some Place Warm But Wont Damage Hat.

-After Brim Is Warmed to it more Workable for a better Shape add on BRIM BENDER Just After The Curved Part Of The Brim

-Leave for a Few Hours Or Ideally Over NIGHT.

- Repeat this process as needed with other Hats.